Wednesday, October 22, 2008

80 Breakfasts

From Manila, in the Philipines, "ChicaJo" presents some excellent photography on her blog. Like "Su-Lin" of Tamarind & Thyme there are associated "80 Breakfasts" photos galore on Flickr and the blogger can be followed on Twitter.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chauncey Bowers

Not a blog as such but the MySpace page of an old friend of Lisa's from her days working in Josh Wallman's lab in City College of City University, New York. Chauncey's music hits a nice spot that needs a slightly left-field point of view to really appreciate. Take a listen! Of the four songs on his home page I can't decide if I prefer "Hey How Are Ya" or "My Mind Wandered". I'd take either one.

Neile's Live Journal

I refrained from mentioning Neile's Les Semaines here because it's been moribund for a long while but just this week her LiveJournal entry Stories for 50 has generated a storm of memoir and comment which is well worth reading. Check it out!

Barney's Baking Broadcast

Just when I was wondering if Barney (curator of B4Baking) had lost interest in the whole blogging thing he come back with a bang and his first Baking Broadcast showing his pizza-making technique in close-up. Wonderful stuff! Barney's technique with baking parchment to transfer a pizza into the oven has to be seen to be believed.